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Project Management Training with a difference. Innovative, simple to understand and very practical. Get 2017 off to a roaring start!

If you’re looking for project management training with impact, you’ve found it.  Tiger-Taming project management training is all about helping anyone become better at managing their projects.

Project Management Training Oxfordshire

How to identify a Tiger

Our techniques will help you to plan and deliver your projects. This is because you work on your project in the training. You receive training and coaching in the workshop. Or put simply you learn whilst you work!

Many roles in organisations of all sizes involve managing projects. Whether you’re in sales, marketing, human resources, learning and development, customer service, IT, regulatory, whatever the department there is often a need to manage projects.

Projects can take a few days to several months, or over a year to complete. They can involve just a couple of people or a lot of people. They can be in one country or across the world.

As the complexity of the project increases so does the need for proper project planning and management and therefore project management training.

Whilst the subject of your project can be very interesting, the theory of project management can be less so. That’s where our project management training comes in. We’ve created a highly creative way of learning project management techniques to make them easier to learn and simpler to remember.

Projects are like tigers because they can be well behaved, purr sweetly and be enjoyable. But they can also be unpredictable and bite! And when they bite it can really hurt. Some projects are very clearly projects, but other work looks like a simple task, but then develops into a project.

To avoid getting bitten by tigers, our project management training gives you all the ideas and skills to tame your tigers. Click here to find out more.