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Tiger Taming is a brand of ITD Ltd, an international training and development company based in Oxfordshire.

Tiger Taming specialises in providing project management training for individuals and businesses throughout Oxfordshire, London and the South East using our innovative, simple to understand and practical framework to plan and manage your projects.

Benefits of Tiger-Taming Project Management Training:

  • Complete method for project planning and project management.
  • Simple language and easy to understand.
  • Ideas applied to your projects in the training = work whilst you learn.
  • Engaging, conversational style of the training consultant.
  • Practical framework, ideas and tips.
  • Questions and answers session in each workshop.
  • Length of course to fit your needs.
  • Content adapted to your requirements.

Here are some examples of projects which have been planned during our project management training:

  • Office move projects.
  • Marketing strategy project.
  • Appraisal system training project.
  • Team re-organisation project.
  • Department improvement project.
  • System upgrade project.
  • New CRM implementation project.

People from the following departments have benefited from our project management training:

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Administration
  • Office Management
  • Legal Services
  • Regulatory
  • Safety
  • Sales

Organisations who have benefited from our project management training include:


GileadHugh JamesKingsley Napley


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Baker & McKenzie






To explore how Tiger-Taming could help your people and organisation, here’s what to do next: