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Half Day Project Management Training Course

Half Day Project Management Training CourseThis half day project management training course is practical and relevant. You work on your project whilst learning new project management ideas. Includes some one to one discussion with the trainer, plus email follow up and  a free copy of Tiger-Taming For Beginners. This project management training course is ideal for people who want or need training but can only invest a limited time. Or they may have specific needs which we can focus on and deliver in the session.

This course gives participants the opportunity to discuss the ideas and their personal challenges. In three hours we can introduce ideas and apply them,  to the participants’ projects without going into detail. Each participant brings a project into the session. They discuss their projects with other participants and the trainer. In this way they learn as they work.


Guide Price £1100 – contact us for discounts available.

The price of your half day project management training depends on how many people you need to train, the length of the training you require, the level of complexity you require, your location and other factors.  So please contact us for the price of your project management training.


  • Up to 12 participants.
  • In house training.
  • Workshop with group & 1 to 1 interaction.


  • Give participants an overview of the key principles of project management.
  • Review the key things to look out for with projects in your organisation.
  • Give an overview of planning, plus when and how to start.
  • Discuss the ideas introduced and apply them to their own projects.


  • Presentation.
  • Discussion of each idea.
  • Some discussion based of the participants’ projects.
  • Discussion in one large group.
  • Individual action plans at the close.

Tailored to your needs:

If you have specific needs for the training, or if you would like us to focus on key aspects of project management in the training then we can do this. We can discuss with you what your needs are and adapt the training course to fit these requirements at no extra cost.


  • What is a Tiger?
  • How to identify Tigers even when they are camouflaged.
  • What to do when you spot a Tiger. (How to not panic!)
  • Fundamentals of Tiger-Taming.
  • Participants use the Project Management Planning Tool on their smartphone, pc or tablet. Working on their project in the training.
  • Framework for Tiger-Taming, the 5 ps of project management:
    • Purpose – yours & the organisation’s
    • People – involved & impacted, managing expectations
    • Processes – Milestones & Tasks. How to use tools like Basecamp and Gantt charts.
    • Planning – When to & how to
    • Pricing – internal costs and budgets
  • Communication in a project.
  • Top 3 reasons why projects falter.
  • Why do projects run over time & how to avoid this?
  • Ideas applied to the participants’ projects.
  • Discussion of challenges in participants’ projects.
  • Personal action plans.


  • Read the project management training course session outline.
  • Read the book Tiger-Taming for Beginners Complete a one pager questionnaire.
  • Bring along knowledge or details of a recent, current, or near future project.


Learning 0utcomes:

  • Basic awareness of key principles of project management.
  • Basic understanding of how to Tame Tigers.
  • Some understanding of how to apply the ideas to their projects.
  • Personal actions to put into practice immediately.


  • Gives an awareness of how important it is to identify projects early on.
  • Gives ideas on the key principles of project planning and management.
  • Gives people a chance to apply the ideas to their projects.
  • Gives participants a chance to improve their future project planning.
  • Doesn’t take too much time! (for most people)


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