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Project Management FAQs

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Project Management FAQs

Our Project Management FAQs are set out under categories:

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  • Project Management Skills
  • About Project Managers
  • Project Management Training

Each question links to another page with our answer. We've tired to give full answers. And to cover all angles of the question.

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About Projects

About Project Planning

Project Management Skills

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Project Management Training

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Tiger-Taming is all about making project management training more fun. Still effective. Based on sound project management techniques that work. But fun. Why not? Why do potentially dry subjects have to be learnt in a dry way? Projects are often interesting and fun. Many people like new projects. It can make work more interesting and varied. So why does project management training have to be dry. Who doesn't like Tigers?

Tiger-Taming is effective project planning and management training which is also fun. Projects are like Tigers in that they can lie hidden for some time. Then when you're least expecting it they jump out at you. A piece of work which you thought was a short simple task becomes a Tiger. It grows into a project. And whenever we identify a project, it needs to be planned properly or it may well bite!

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Participant Reviews

“An excellent tool to assist with any type of project planning. The tiger-taming on-line tool has helped me to pinpoint some potentially difficult areas that I had not previously thought of and has assisted with breaking down what at first appears to be an unmanageable project, to a much more reasonable size. I would highly recommend this training.”

“Very useful session and great that you can use the planning tool to plan your project in the training. I got some really good tips.
It focuses your thoughts throughout the planning stage and the tool captures the key areas that you need to be aware of when planning and delivering the project.”

“The training session is very informative and the project management on-line tool is very good at getting you to really think about the project and all that it involves. By being asked a series of statements it assists with breaking the project down into tasks and who will be involved and when. A very useful tool to refer back to whilst the project is under way. I would recommend to all”

“Very interesting training session with lots of useful tips and the participants all gave good feedback”