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Project Management Planning Tool


Project Management Planning Tool

Screenshot: Project Management Planning Tool

Our project management planning tool is easy to use and highly effective at making you think. Think about your project in different ways; think about your assumptions; think about who is involved and who you might have forgotten; think about those things which could delay or threaten the success of your project.

This powerful tool helps you plan your projects successfully. Whether you are new to project management or an experienced project manager, using the project management planning tool will help you to plan successfully and avoid missing some of the details which can cause trouble.

The project management planning tool covers the five key areas of project management:

  • Purpose
  • People
  • Pricing
  • Processes
  • Planning


This section covers what you want your project to achieve and how you will measure success. This goes beyond just being on time and on budget, to explore how you will measure its success from your client’s perspective. It helps you think about your project in the context of your organisation. It helps you reflect on those things which may have an impact on your project both positive and negative.


This section is all about the people. The tool asks you to input details of the people involved in your project from project manager to people actually doing the work. You’re working on your actual project so the data you put in is about your project and the people involved. The tool also provokes your thinking about who else is involved and often creates some thoughtful responses as it is easy to forget all the people who will be involved in a project. This section also goes into how to get people involved and motivated. It explores how to understand people’s motivations re your project. It gives tips and ideas on how to communicate with different people.


This is the part where budgeting is covered. This section may be more or less relevant depending on the type of project you are working on. But having gone through one of the worst recessions, it is prudent to reflect on budget issues and what might impact your project. It also looks at possible show stoppers and how you can possibly plan to overcome these.


This section is about the processes. These are the nuts and bolts of the project. The milestones and the sub tasks. In some ways this may be the easiest bit. But assumptions can be made and this section often highlights them. The detailed work who does what and when is started in this section. Some of the interdependencies will be exposed here. This section may take you a lot of time if you want to plan in detail. It’s the sort of area you may want to start, work on for a while, then leave and come back to it. It can also happen that if you do invest time in this section you may alter things like your project delivery date, number of people involved and managing people’s expectations as to what is realistic. You may also find one or two Tiger cubs in this section. Little projects all of their own!


This section goes into detail about your plan. This is more about what will happen. when and by whom. These are the details which can be copied into diaries. There may well be link back into the people section, especially where expectations of what will be done by when requires communication.

Other features include:

Work on your project

You use the planning tool with your project in mind. Simply go through the steps and questions in the tool using data from your project. So this is learning whilst you work. We find this the bets approach rather than learning  theories which you then have to apply in the workplace.

Save & return

If you haven’t got the data you need to hand when you first draft your project plan, no problem, simply save and come back to it another time.

Access your Project Plan on the web

Because your project plan is recorded via this website you can access it whenever and wherever you want to.

Multiple Projects

If you go for an annual subscription you can plan up to twenty projects using the project management planning tool.


Pricing of the Project Management Planning Tool

Access to use the project management planning tool for one project is free to participants on our training workshops.

To use the tool on two or more projects the subscription charge is £20 per year. For access to the project management planning tool if you are not participating in one of our workshops, the cost is the same, that is £20 per year.


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