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Tiger Charity

Tiger TamingOf course we don’t want to tame real tigers. We want to leave them alone. Let them live like they want to live in the wilderness. Be how they want to be. Let them just be tigers doing tiger stuff.

To that end we are committed to contributing to a Tiger Charity. This is in the hope that tigers can just be tigers. That we preserve enough of the planet for them to do whatever they want to without being bothered by us, or bothering us.

Since 2015 we have sent donations to the BornFree charity. These guys work with helping Tigers and other animals. Wouldn’t it be cool if we just let animals do their stuff.

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Participant Reviews

“An excellent tool to assist with any type of project planning. The tiger-taming on-line tool has helped me to pinpoint some potentially difficult areas that I had not previously thought of and has assisted with breaking down what at first appears to be an unmanageable project, to a much more reasonable size. I would highly […]

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“Very useful session and great that you can use the planning tool to plan your project in the training. I got some really good tips. It focuses your thoughts throughout the planning stage and the tool captures the key areas that you need to be aware of when planning and delivering the project.”

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“The training session is very informative and the project management on-line tool is very good at getting you to really think about the project and all that it involves. By being asked a series of statements it assists with breaking the project down into tasks and who will be involved and when. A very useful […]

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“Very interesting training session with lots of useful tips and the participants all gave good feedback”

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