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How to identify a Tiger (Project) in your working day

Project Management Training with a difference. Innovative, simple to understand and very practical.

Project management training for everyone

Tiger-Taming Project Management Training is different. We developed the Tiger-Taming approach as a refreshing way to learn about project planning and management. Our techniques will help you to plan and deliver your projects. This is because you work on your own project in the training. You receive training and coaching in the workshop. Or put simply you learn whilst you work!

Our approach is suitable for anyone who manages projects as part of their overall job. This is not a replacement for Prince 2 or other sophisticated tools. It is for everyone who just happens to run projects as part of their work.

Flexible Project Management Training

Many different roles in organisations involve managing projects. Whatever role you are in there is often a need to manage projects. The Tiger-Taming approach adapts to any kind of project, from planning an event to an office move. The tools and methods we use are robust enough ton work and flexible enough to apply to all everyday work projects.

Training tailored to your needs at no extra cost

Whilst Tiger-Taming is a methodology we will still adapt it to suit your needs. We start with a discussion of your requirements. Let’s see what the challenges are in running projects in your organisation. Then we’ll tailor the training to suit you. And we’ll do this at no extra cost.

Why Tiger-Taming?

Working with a client some years ago, they described what projects were like. They said projects crept around the office. They started off as simple pieces of work but then grew into these big monsters. Their clients were very happy with the work, but inside the business it was a a little chaotic. And we thought, like Tigers roaming round the office!

Tiger-Taming Project Management Training Planning Tool

We’ve designed and built our own Project Planning Tool. This is simple to understand and easy to apply. You can plan up to five different projects with the tool. It’s free to all participants of our project management training. And it’s available to everyone to buy on this website. It takes you through the stages of planning your project. As you work on your project it asks you questions. The process makes you think more rigorously about your project and what is involved.

project management training
Use our online project planning tool during the training

Project Management Training to handle the complexity of some projects

As the complexity of the project increases so does the need for proper project planning. This means there is an increased demand for project management training. Our training takes you through each step of successful planning. As we go through each step we look at your project in detail. In this way you can see if and where more work needs to be done.

Many Different Roles

We’ve worked with many different roles to help them with their projects. Here are a few of them:

  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Sales
  • Infrastructure
  • Partners
  • Senior Associates
  • Learning & Development
  • Senior Management

Ordinary Project Management Training versus Tiger-Taming

Whilst the subject of your project can be very interesting, the theory of project management can be less so. That’s where our project management training comes in. We’ve created a highly creative way of learning project management techniques to make them easier to learn and simpler to remember. Put simply Tigers are more fun than projects!

Steps to Successful Project Planning

Our online tool takes you through the steps for planning your project:

  • Purpose
  • People
  • Prices
  • Process
  • Planning

It can take from three hours to go through the tool in detail. At each step we discuss your project and how the tool applies.

"The great thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise."

Projects are like Tigers!

Projects are like tigers because they can be well behaved, purr sweetly and be enjoyable. But they can also be unpredictable and bite! And when they bite it can really hurt. Some projects are very clearly projects. But other work looks like a simple task, then develops into a project.

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Why choose Tiger-Taming?

1. Innovative approach

Tiger-Taming is the innovative approach to project planning. You still get robust project techniques but done in an engaging way.

2. Live Training

Live Training means you work on your projects whilst learning about how to plan and manage projects. Learn whilst you work!

3. On Line Planning Tool

Our On Line Planning Tool is free to all training participants. You can access the work you do during the training at any time you like. And you can use it to plan up to five projects.

4. Ideas, Tips & Strategies

With Tiger-Taming you get ideas on how to plan your projects. Tips from our experienced trainer. Strategies on how to approach your actual project as you review it in the training.

5. Great Reviews

Check out what other people are saying about Tiger-Taming on our Reviews page.

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