What does a Project Manager do?

what does a project manager do

What does a Project Manager do? This article aims to answer the question ‘What does a Project Manager do?’ And by this we mean a project manager who does project management as part of their job, but not full time. The kind of situation which happens in most organisations. Very often a role has distinct […]

How to identify a Tiger!

how to identify a tiger

How to identify a project. Or as we would say, ‘How to identify a Tiger!’ Projects are complex pieces of work and identifying them early on is important. Or as we would also say, it’s important to identify a Tiger in case it jumps out and bites you! A simple way to spot a project […]

How to identify a project

How to identify a project

How to identify a project. How do you know if a piece of work is a project or just a piece of work? There are number of ways to identify a piece of work as a project, or as we¬†would say, how to spot a Tiger! Usual v Unusual: You know what your everyday work […]

Tips for planning projects

tips for managing projects

Tips for planning projects Tips for planning projects – tip number 1 Tips for planning projects – when you consider how to plan a project one of the first questions to ask is, can I do this project successfully whilst also doing my regular work? You will probably get a gut instinct reply to this question […]

Projects fail – here’s why

projects fail here's why

Projects Fail – Here’s Why Projects fail or falter and there is lots of research on why. Some of these are mentioned below. But perhaps more interesting for all of us is why certain types of projects falter or fail, or why projects in our own organisation falter or falter. Falter here means takes longer […]

Born Free and Tiger-Taming

Born Free and Tiger-Taming

We at Tiger-Taming have selected a charity to make contributions to in 2015/2016. The chosen charity is Born Free. These guys are committed to helping Tigers and other animals survive and prosper in their own habitat. As they put it, by keeping animals in their natural environment. To give to Born Free click on this […]

Projects – How big or small can they be?


Projects – How big or small can they be? How big or small can projects¬†be? Sometimes the ones that seem smaller are the most dangerous… You’re doing some work and then a little task pops up. Doesn’t look like much. But then when you start it soon begins to grow. Maybe you’ve just caught hold […]

Why Tigers and Project Management?

project management blog sign up

Why Tigers and Project Management? Why did we choose Tigers as the creative analogy with project management? Let’s face it project management training is sometimes not the most exciting subject. Useful, yes. Practical, yes. But exciting, probably not. So to get a more fun and interesting and ultimately engaging activity we wanted to use a […]

How to Identify Tigers in Project Management

how to identify tigers in project management

How to identify Tigers in project management How to identify Tigers! The first way to tell you’re looking at a Tiger is if it has stripes. In project terms this means it involves more than one person working on the task. Once you have two or more people working on a work activity, complexity starts […]

Projects are like Tigers!

project management training

Projects are like Tigers Projects are like tigers for the following reason. If you treat a Tiger with respect and give it the space and surroundings it needs, then it will be soft and cuddly. But if you don’t it can quickly become big and scary and if you’re not careful it can bite you! […]