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Free Project Management TipsThese newly revised FREE project management tips are available for download NOW!

This tip sheet has a bunch of cool ideas on project planning and project management. It’s just a taster really to give you a flavour of our approach as well as some practical ideas which you can use straight away on your projects.

It’s not as comprehensive as our book – Tiger-Taming for Beginners, and you won’t learn as much as you would in a Tiger-Taming project management course, but hey it’s free so why not? And it’s not everyday you get free project management ideas.

Free Project Management Tip Sheet:  This free project management tip sheet has a bunch of ideas on how to plan and manage projects. How they apply to your projects will vary widely. One of the best tips on project management is to do a thorough plan. It is all too easy to do a rough plan and get started on a project without really thinking it through. Our approach gives you a thorough approach for better project planning. But this is for ordinary people. Professional project managers have all sorts of tools and qualifications. This is for the rest of us who do projects as part of their everyday working life.

Our project management training is about recognising a piece of work as a project in the first place, as so often work just grows and becomes a project. Once you’ve recognised it the next thing is to see if you have the time to do the project. If you have then it’s time to plan the project.

This latest update gives you even more tips on a wider variety of project management challenges.

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