Fundamentals of Project Management

fundamentals of project management

About the Fundamentals of Project Management

The Fundamentals of Project Management is a two hour session that gives you what you need to get started in project management. The session introduces the Tiger-Taming methodology, which is a simple 5 step process to planning your project:


Every one of your projects has a purpose. This section of our methodology asks you lots of questions about your project objective and the measurements of your success:

  • What do you need or want the project to achieve?
  • What is your project objective?
  • How will you measure success?
  • What assumptions are you making about the project?


People are almost always a key resource in any project. It’s easy to forget about some of the people involved in a project. Thinking this through carefully helps you to plan your project more thouroughly. Some of the questions you can review include:

  • Who is the project meant to benefit?
  • Who will actually benefit from the project?
  • What roles are required to deliver the project?
  • Which people will fulfill these roles?


Looking at the process of your project includes mapping out the journey of success the project needs to follow. This means setting out the steps your project needs to progress through to deliver your objective. The areas to cover include:

  • What can be learnt about previous projects in the organisation?


Any professional project management methodology needs to include your plan. This means you need to carefully set out what is meant to happen at each stage of the project and who is involved and responsible for each step.

  • What are the milestones of the project?
  • What are the key tasks within each milestone?


There is always a cost to any of your projects, even if it is only an opportunity cost, that is, the cost of doing this project and not doing something else. Setting out and agreeing your costs, hidden costs and possible costs of a project is a key responsibility in the fundamentals of project management. Important areas to cover include:

  • What will each step of the project cost?
  • Who is responsible for the budget?
  • What cost contingencies are needed?
  • What is the opportunity cost of the project?

About the Fundamentals of Project Management Training

The Fundamentals of Project Management is a two hour workshop.

Typically we have twelve participants in the session which means everyone can discuss their challenges in managing projects.

This is an in house training event.

The training can be delivered anywhere.

A copy of the Project Management book Tiger-Taming for Beginners is included for the participants.


The cost for this training depends on the location, number of participants, number of sessions and the complexity of the projects which are likely to be discussed.

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