How to identify a Tiger!

how to identify a tiger

How to identify a project. Or as we would say, ‘How to identify a Tiger!’

Projects are complex pieces of work and identifying them early on is important. Or as we would also say, it’s important to identify a Tiger in case it jumps out and bites you!

A simple way to spot a project is to consider all your regular work Look at all the stuff you do which is done day to day, week to week, month to month.

This can include meetings, completing documents, updating spreadsheets, writing blog posts, communicating with customers and lots of other stuff.

A project therefore is anything which is not one of these regular pieces of work. It’s a new piece of work. It might be a new way of doing an existing task. Whenever you see a task which is not part of your regular work, it could well be a Tiger.

Take a look over the past week to 30 days. Think about all the work you do and then see if you can identify new pieces of work. These are your projects.

Projects or Tigers can be small or very large, that take up a few hours or months of your time. It’s vital to identify new Tigers as they can have a massive impact on your success, that chances of achieving your goals and your stress levels.

Project management training includes how to identify a project early on. The last thing any of us want is to be bitten by a Tiger so spotting them early is vital.