online project planning tool

Online Project Planning Tool

Online project planning tool and how it works.

Each person on the training has their own login so that they can access the project planning tool. They can do this on computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

During the training you use the tool to plan your projects under guidance from the trainer. As interesting and relevant issues are raised the trainer gives instruction or facilitates discussion to share learning and ideas.

The session progresses and focuses on those areas of most relevance to you. For example, sometimes budgeting is a crucial part of the workshop, but in others it is not, because budgets do not form part of the project.

The tool gives you the opportunity to edit each part and go back to do further edits as required.

We use our project management framework of Purpose, People, Prices, Processes & Planning as a structure for the tool.

At each step you can discuss any part of your project with the training consultant and get advice and ideas on how to improve your project management.

A key principle is that better, more thorough planning results in better project management.