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Project Management Courses. Tiger-Taming 1 Hour to 2 Days

Project Management Courses

project management courses

Project Management Courses

Virtual or Live

Our project management courses give you practical skills and tools to manage projects successfully. What makes our approach different is that during the workshop we focus on your projects. You bring a recent, current or future project into the session, where you will learn the Tiger-Taming approach and apply it to your project. In this way you work whilst you learn.


Methodology plus useful tips and ideas

Each of our courses use our planning methodology, which has been based on many years of experience. They are also full of useful tips and ideas, on project planning and project management. You can see some of these ideas free with our Free Project Management Tips.

Because you’re working on your project during the training all the ideas and tips in our project management training can be applied to your work environment immediately. It makes the session practical and very useful. This approach makes the session much more engaging and relevant. Not only are you working on your project, you’re also doing it using some great terms and fun references. Wouldn’t you like to go on a tiger hunt today? You’ll see what projects are over the horizon, or hiding in the long grass of your office!

We have delivered our Project Management Courses in UK, Middle East and in Europe. We have a variety of courses available, varying in length and content. Sessions last from 1 hour to 2 days, so you can choose the duration and content that’s right for you. Read below and click on the tigers or the buttons to get more details on each course.

online project planning tool
The Tiger-Taming online Project Planning Tool used in our training

The Tiger-Taming Project Planning Tool

All of our project management courses use our project planning tool. This is an online application which participants log into with a user name and password. Once in they can plan up to five projects. The tool takes a step by step approach to planning a project. It is rigorous in the questions it asks and the assumptions it questions.

See more of the Project Planning Tool. And see what people say about the tool and our training on our Reviews page.

Tell us about your need for Project Management Training

The Introduction to Project Management is a short session of one hour. The session gives an overview of the key principles of project management. This includes introducing the 5 Ps of project management and the Tiger-Taming Project Planning Tool. These project management courses are appropriate where people need an introduction to the key principles. Sometimes this can be done to gain buy in for more activity. Or simply as an introduction to create a basis of understanding. The learning outcomes will include an overview of the fundamentals, some of the key principles and it can get them wanting more! 

Introduction Seminar

In one hour there is only time to give an overview to our project planning tool. How the tool applies to each participant’s project is possible for a few examples, but still makes the session fun and relevant. This makes for a great taster session.

The project management short course gives the opportunity to discuss the Tiger-Taming methodology and apply it to the participants’ personal project management challenges. In three hours we introduce headline ideas and discuss how they work. Each participant brings a project into the session and we use the Tiger-Taming Project Planning Tool. They discuss their projects with other participants and the trainer. The objective is to make the learning relevant so that their own project management skills improve. By the end of the session participants gain clear ideas on how to improve their project management.

Short Workshop

These project management courses are suitable when either time is limited or a basic understanding is required. Each person is sat at a computer and logs into their account to use our online project planning tool. Work Whilst You Learn!

These full one day project management courses have participants working on their individual projects throughout the session. Ideas from the workshop are applied to each participants’ live projects. In this way they are able to easily apply ideas to their work. There is plenty of time for questions and answers as we go through each step of the Tiger-Taming Project Planning Tool. Participants leave with a good understanding of project management principles. And the ideas are applied to their work and specific projects.

Full Workshop

These project management courses are suitable when you require strong learning and time to practice. During the day there is time to answer specific questions on the participants’ projects. There is also time to focus on areas of particular interest to the group and to discuss actual challenges.

These full two day project management courses explore the issues and ideas in depth. Participants discuss their projects in detail. At each step of the programme the participants review their chosen projects. The Tiger-Taming Project Planning Tool is used as a basis to discuss these projects with the trainer and other participants. They get a good understanding of project management principles. Participants learn how to apply the ideas to their work. In two days they gain more in depth ideas on how to overcome the challenges of project management. 

Extensive Workshop

These two day project management courses are suitable when you want participants to get a thorough training in project management. It gives the participants the opportunity to learn and practice. The conclusion is a complete project management learning experience, with learning that can be applied immediately.

Get in touch

To request a proposal or enquire about any of these project management training courses simply complete the form above or call +44 (0)800 804 8086 to contact us.

project management tools
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