Project Management Methodologies

Project Management Methodologies

Project Management Methodologies

There are many project management methodologies to choose from. This article focuses on our own methodology called Tiger-Taming.

Why do we call it Tiger-Taming? Firstly because there doesn’t appear to be much fun in the world of project management and project management training. So we thought let’s come up with an interesting and fun creative angle on the subject.

Then  we reflected on what projects are like in organisations. Some projects are definitely projects. They are very big, involve lots of people, will take lots of time and cost lots of money. Building roads, bridges and ships are all clearly projects.

But in your average organisation there are lots of pieces of work which are not at first recognised as projects. They may start as small discreet tasks, or requests to do something. They are like tigers. And they hide in the grass and then when you least expect, they jump out.

Projects are like Tigers!

Tigers can start off as small lovable creatures. Just like tasks which at first seem small and safe and easy. But then they grow. They become complex and big and dangerous. Like Tigers!

Project Management Methodologies

Project Management Methodologies - Recognise it's a Tiger!

Step 1. Recognise it’s a Tiger! In other words identify work which is really a project as early on as you can. It’s so easy to think a piece of work is discreet, small and easily completed. But which then develops into a project. Careful consideration of a piece of work is key for you to avoid being bitten by a tiger!

Project Management Methodologies - Find out whose Tiger it is!

Step 2. Don’t accept the Tiger is yours until you have to. First of all check who the Tiger belongs to. If you can find out, give it back to them.

Project Management Methodologies

Project Management Methodologies - Stop & Understand It!

Step 3. If you have taken responsibility for the Tiger then the next thing to do is to stop and plan. Don’t touch it. Don’t think you can get it done quickly. If it’s a project it needs careful planning. The step in planning is to understand it. Find out what the objective is. Who is the sponsor. Where did it come from.

Project Management Methodologies - Plan Time!

Step 4. The next step in project management methodologies is to work on time. How long will this project take to manage and implement. You have finite resources and if you take on this project what will be the impact on the rest of your work?

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