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What does a Project Manager do?

what does a project manager do

What does a Project Manager do? This article aims to answer the question ‘What does a Project Manager do?’ And by this we mean a project manager who does project management as part of their job, but not full time. The kind of situation which happens in most organisations. Very often a role has distinct […]

Project management training benefits

Project Management training benefits

Project Management Training Benefits Project management training benefits – find out what they are here. 1 You learn how to improve the planning phase of your project. 2 You work on your project during the training. Work while you learn is a key principle to ensure the training is practical and based in your reality, […]

New project? Here’s what to do next

how to identify a tiger

New Projects New project? It’s tempting when you identify a new project, to get stuck in. But better advice is to do the opposite. To STOP! When you’re not a project manager it’s easy to underestimate the complexity of a piece of work. One of the biggest learning outcomes I see in project management training […]