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Tips for planning projects – when you consider how to plan a project one of the first questions to ask is, can I do this project successfully whilst also doing my regular work? You will probably get a gut instinct reply to this question which may well be enough. But if not you will also need to do some planning. The main thing to consider is how much time is this project likely to take and have you got the capacity to deliver this without cutting into other work, or your personal time.

To work out the time involved in the project here are some things you could do;

  1. Have you done similar projects previously? If so how much time did this take?
  2. Do you think you will need 1 hour or 2 hours per day to look after the project, or would half a day per week do it?
  3. If you would like to do this project, or have to do it, is there any other part of your work that could be reduced.
  4. Break down the project into big steps and estimate how much time each step might take to deliver.
  5. Ask your line manager, or a more experienced colleague how much time they expect the project would require.
  6. Whatever you decide as your likely time needed for this project, double it and see if this would still be acceptable. Why? Because if the project does overrun, as many do, you are prepared for it.

When considering how to plan a project, the first question to ask, whenever the project first appears is, ‘Have you the capacity to do it?’ The project may look like fun and interesting but first you need to decide on your capacity. If you consider this properly you may be able to negotiate passing on some of your other work in order to give enough time to the project. Either way you have to take a long hard look at the reality before committing to working on the project.

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