What does a Project Manager do?

what does a project manager do

What does a Project Manager do?

This article aims to answer the question ‘What does a Project Manager do?’ And by this we mean a project manager who does project management as part of their job, but not full time. The kind of situation which happens in most organisations. Very often a role has distinct responsibilities and occasional projects which are additional to the everyday job.

Overall Responsibility

The project manager is the person anyone can go to if they have questions about a project. The project manager knows everything about a project, or at least who to talk to. This means the project manager has to keep themselves informed on the progress of all delegated work, whether this be internally or to outside contractors.

Project managers need to look ahead and see possible challenges. They need to support other members of staff. They can provide training or coaching where required. And they have to get everyone organised in order to deliver the project.

What does a Project Manager do? - Key Responsibilities

Here’s a brief overview list of what a project manager does:

  1. Makes sure the project is completed on time and on budget.
  2. Puts together a project team.
  3. Plans the project in detail.
  4. Gets a project sponsor involved at high level who can clear roadblocks.
  5. Breaks the project down into milestones.
  6. Breaks each milestone down into tasks.
  7. Delegates tasks and ensures they are completed on time and to the correct standard.
  8. Manages their own time to make sure the project is given sufficient resources.
  9. Keeps everyone informed as the project progresses.
  10. Identifies issues early on and deals with them.

What does a Project Manager do? - Planning

A big part of project management is planning. They make decisions on what needs to be done, who is going to do it and by when. The planning stage in everyday projects is often overlooked. Sometimes the project manager is so focused on the goal that they get started straight away. But it is much better to invest time in planning so that the project can be mapped out from the start. This means expectations can be set and managed as well as resources planned.

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